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sglBlending Class Reference

#include <sglStatelet.hpp>

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Public Types

enum  BlendFuncEnum {
  eONE = GL_ONE,

Public Methods

 sglBlending (BlendFuncEnum src_func=eSRC_ALPHA, BlendFuncEnum dst_func=eONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA, bool on=false)
virtual ~sglBlending ()
void enable (bool on)
bool isEnabled () const
void setBlendFunc (BlendFuncEnum src_func, BlendFuncEnum dst_func)
void getBlendFunc (BlendFuncEnum &src_func, BlendFuncEnum &dst_func) const
void apply (sglCurrState *curr_state) const
virtual bool getSorted () const
virtual void printInfo (ostream &ostrm, const char *indent_string) const

Detailed Description

This statelet controls the OpenGL blending state by issuing the glBlendFunc() function and the glEnable(GL_BLEND_FUNC). Even when this statelet is disabled by calling sglBlending::enable(false), the blend function defined here is used by the sglTransparency and most of the sglAntiAlias* statelets to perform their blending. Because of this the default blending function is SRC_ALPHA, ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA. If this blending mode is not desired for some of these other statelets then an sglBlending statelet can be included which defines the desired blend function (without ever enabling it).


   sglBlending *blending = new sglBlending;  // defaults to disabled

Add support for GL_EXT_blend_color.

Definition at line 591 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum sglBlending::BlendFuncEnum

The list of possible blend functions.

Definition at line 595 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sglBlending::sglBlending ( BlendFuncEnum src_func = eSRC_ALPHA,
BlendFuncEnum dst_func = eONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA,
bool on = false ) [inline]

Constructor (also default constructor).

src_func   Enum indicating how the source values are combined in the blend function (default is sglBlending::eSRC_ALPHA).
dst_func   Enum indicating how the destination values are combined in the blend function (default is sglBlending::eONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA).
on   True to enable blending otherwise false (default is false).

Definition at line 618 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

sglBlending::~sglBlending ( ) [inline, virtual]

virtual destructor.

Definition at line 626 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void sglBlending::enable ( bool on ) [inline]

Enable or disable blending.

on   True to enable and false to disable.

Definition at line 631 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

bool sglBlending::isEnabled ( ) const [inline]

Query whether or not blending is enabled.

True if enabled and false if disabled.

Definition at line 636 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

void sglBlending::setBlendFunc ( BlendFuncEnum src_func,
BlendFuncEnum dst_func ) [inline]

Set the blend function factors for source and destination values.

src_func   The factor used on the source values (one of the BlendFuncEnum tokens).
dst_func   The factor used on the destination values.

Definition at line 643 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

void sglBlending::getBlendFunc ( BlendFuncEnum & src_func,
BlendFuncEnum & dst_func ) const [inline]

Query the current blend function factors.

src_func   On return will contain the factor enum for source.
dst_func   On return will contain the factor enum for destination.

Definition at line 650 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

void sglBlending::apply ( sglCurrState * curr_state ) const [virtual]

Apply this state change to the current rendering state.

curr_state   Required for statelets that affect one another. For example the sglTransparency sets up depth mask and blending modes which interact with the sglBlending and sglDepthMask statelets, and the curr_state object is used to resolve these internal issues.

Reimplemented from sglStatelet.

bool sglBlending::getSorted ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Query the sorting mode for this statelet.

true if this type of statelet should be sorted by pointer rather than using m_index to index into an array. The defualt implementation is the latter, but if a statelet can take on an inordinate number of states (e.g. a floating point parameter) then true should be returned.

Reimplemented from sglStatelet.

Definition at line 657 of file sglStatelet.hpp.

virtual void sglBlending::printInfo ( ostream & ostrm,
const char * indent_string ) const [virtual]

Output the state of this node to the specified ostream.

ostrm   the ostream to which the output is sent
indent_string   the string (usually spaces) that is output at the beginning of every line of output

Reimplemented from sglStatelet.

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