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Todo List

class sglBillboard
implement ePOINT_ROT_WORLD (what is the correct behaviour?).

add a setMode() to switch between Z_UP/Y_UP (or whatever). Possibly a setChildAxis function to be completely generic?

Check the computational complexity of eAXIAL_ROT and see if it can be reduced.

class sglBlending
Add support for GL_EXT_blend_color.

class sglIndexedBitMaskSwitch
Do we need to add complete mask management (remove, insert, etc)?

class sglInterleavedGeometry
Implement pick and intersect functions.

class sglLayer
Add support for intersect traversal.

Add support for the pick traversal.

class sglLight
Implement functions to set global ambient.

Implement toggle for local light model.

Implement toggle for two sided lighting.

class sglStatelet
Add sglScribe statelet (a la Performer) where wire frame is rendered on top of the filled geometry.

Add sglNormalsDisplay statelet (a la Performer) where normals are rendered along with the geometry.

class sglSwitch
Should the pick and intersect functions be implemented as wrappers to reentrant functions like cull?

class sglTransform
Add support for non-uniform scale (currently intersect traversal does not work in its presence).

class sglUnProject
Implement pick and intersect functions.

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