SGL Nodes

Group Nodes

The scene graph is a directed, acyclic graph (DAG).  As such, interior nodes of the scene graph can have multiple children.  The base class for all such nodes is the sglGroup node.  This section lists the sglGroup nodes and all of its subclasses which affect the traversal of their children in different ways.  Links are provided to the DOC++ generated documentation for each class:

Leaf Nodes (a.k.a. Lights, Camera, Action!)

The group nodes are considered the interior nodes of the scene graph, while sglNode subclasses like sglGeode, the various sglLights, and sglViewPlatform can be considered the leaf nodes, since they don't have lists of sglNodes for children.  sglGeodes are a special case, which contain a list of geometry nodes (subclasses of sglDrawable).  Geometry classes are described in the Geometry Nodes. The sglViewPlatform class is a convenience class that can be used to locate that view position and orientation within the 3D scene. A reference in this leaf node to one of the sglCamera subclasses (also presented in this chapter) is used to define the frustum to be used for culling and viewing.

The following is a list of classes discussed in this chapter (indentation indicates subclassing).

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