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sglStats Class Reference

#include <sglStats.hpp>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  PrimEnum {

Public Methods

 sglStats ()
 ~sglStats ()
 sglStats (const sglStats &)
sglStats& operator= (const sglStats &)
sglStats& operator+= (const sglStats &)
void reset ()
void average ()
void addNumLights (float num_used, float num_desired)
float getNumLightsUsed () const
float getNumLightsDesired () const
void addFrames (float num)
float getFrames () const
void addTransforms (float num)
float getTransforms () const
void addStateChanges (float num)
float getStateChanges () const
void addTotalGSets (float num)
float getTotalGSets () const
void addDListedGSets (float num)
float getDListedGSets () const
void addTransparencyEnabledGSets (float num)
float getTransparencyEnabledGSets () const
void addOcclusionEnabledGSets (float num)
float getOcclusionEnabledGSets () const
void addOccludedGSets (float num)
float getOccludedGSets () const
void addLitGSets (float num)
float getLitGSets () const
void addTexturedGSets (float num)
float getTexturedGSets () const
void addTexture (const sglTexture *tex)
float getNumTextures ()
float getIdealTextureMemory ()
float getLikelyTextureMemory ()
void addText (float num)
float getText () const
void addGSets (PrimEnum type, float num)
float getGSets (PrimEnum type)
void addPrims (PrimEnum type, float num)
float getPrims (PrimEnum type)
void addVertices (PrimEnum type, float num)
float getVertices (PrimEnum type)
void addTriangles (PrimEnum type, float num)
float getTriangles (PrimEnum type)
void printInfo (ostream &ostrm, const char *indent_string) const

Static Public Attributes

const char* s_geometry_type_names []

Detailed Description

Container for draw traversal statistics collection.

Definition at line 40 of file sglStats.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sglStats::sglStats ( ) [inline]

default constructor.

Definition at line 87 of file sglStats.hpp.

sglStats::~sglStats ( ) [inline]


Definition at line 90 of file sglStats.hpp.

sglStats::sglStats ( const sglStats & )

copy contructor.

Member Function Documentation

sglStats & sglStats::operator= ( const sglStats & )

assignment operator.

sglStats & sglStats::operator+= ( const sglStats & )

+= operator.

void sglStats::reset ( )

Reset all the counters to zero.

Referenced by sglStats().

void sglStats::average ( )

Compute the average number of gsets, etc..., per frame.

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