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sglCull Class Template Reference

#include <sglCull.hpp>

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Public Methods

 sglCull ()
virtual ~sglCull ()
void setSortOrder (const vector< unsigned int > &sort_order)
const vector<unsigned int>& getSortOrder () const
void initialize (float lod_scale, unsigned int discriminator_mask, unsigned int state_mask, const sglMat4< T > &view_matrix, const sglFrustum< T > &frustum, unsigned int viewport_x, unsigned int viewport_y, const vector< const sglStatelet *> &default_statelets, const deque< const sglStatelet *> &override_statelets, unsigned int frame_count, const sglTimespec &frame_time)
unsigned int getStateMask () const
void getViewportSize (unsigned int &x, unsigned int &y)
sglFrustum<T>& getOrigFrustum ()
sglFrustum<T>& getFrustum ()
void pushModelViewMatrix (const sglMat4< T > &matrix, bool rescale, bool normalize)
const sglMat4<T>& getModelViewMatrix ()
void popModelViewMatrix ()
void pushDefaultStatelet (const sglStatelet *state)
void popDefaultStatelet ()
void pushOverrideStatelet (const sglStatelet *state)
void popOverrideStatelet ()
void addDrawable (const sglDrawable *geom, const sglDrawable::StateElement *state)
sglDrawablePool* pushDrawablePool ()
void popDrawablePool ()
void addLight (const sglLight *light)
void setLightProcessor (sglLightProcessor *light_processor)
sglLightProcessorgetLightProcessor () const
virtual void draw ()

Protected Methods

bool initState ()

Protected Attributes

unsigned int m_state_mask
unsigned int m_viewport_x
unsigned int m_viewport_y
sglFrustum<T> m_orig_frustum
sglFrustum<T> m_current_frustum
unsigned int m_num_matrices
vector<const sglStatelet*> m_statelet
vector<bool> m_override
vector<const sglStatelet*> m_default_state_stack
vector<const sglStatelet*> m_override_state_stack
sglCurrState m_curr_state
sglDrawablePoolSources m_drawable_pool_sources
sglCullDrawablePool m_default_bin
vector< sglDrawablePool* > m_drawable_pool_stack
sglObjPool< sglTransformStatelet<
T> > 
sglObjPool< sglFullState > m_state_pool

Detailed Description

template<class T> class sglCull

used for collecting geometry during the cull traversal

Definition at line 298 of file sglCull.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<class T>
void sglCull<T>::setLightProcessor ( sglLightProcessor * light_processor )

Set the light processor.

light_processor   A pointer to an object that will sort and apply the lights in view. If NULL, the processor will revert to the default processor, sglDefaultLightProcessor(). If the reference count of the old light processor goes to zero, it will be deleted.

template<class T>
sglLightProcessor * sglCull<T>::getLightProcessor ( ) const [inline]

Query the current light processor object.

Pointer to current light processor object.

Definition at line 422 of file sglCull.hpp.

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